Information about people whose ashes were scattered in South Georgia.


Name HODGES, Ben Born 15 July 1936 Died  20 January 2017 Age 80 The ashes of Ben Hodges were scattered at Hope Point by Gerry Gilham, Station Leader of the BAS team at KEP on 23 November 2017. After a distinguished career with FIDS and BAS, starting in 1960 at Deception Island, Ben was part […]

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Name: Worsley, Henry Born: 4 October 1960 Died: 24 January 2016 Age: 55 Cemetery: Grytviken Grave Ref: – Register: – SPRI Ref: – Born on 4 October 1960, British adventurer Henry Worsley died in Chile on 24 January 2016 soon after being evacuated from an attempt to cross the Antarctic. His ashes were buried on

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Ann spent time at King Edward point from the turn of the century as partner of visiting Yachtsman and later Government Officer Ken Passfield. A popular member of the KEP community, she ran the Post Office and worked hard at early efforts to control the invasive bittercress plant. After she died in the UK on

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Scattering Bertie Leask's ashes off Hope Point

LEASK, Gilbert (‘Bertie’)

Gilbert ‘Bertie’ Leask was a mariner on the tanker Southern Satellite for whom his times in South Georgia were special. Born on 22 April 1938 he died in Greenock, Scotland on 13 January 2014 aged 75. His daughters Carron and Gill arranged for his ashes to be carried back to South Georgia and they were

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BARKER, Dr Peter

Dr Peter Barker 12 June 1939 to  25 June 2012 Marine geophysicist Dr Peter Barker spent 30 years researching marine geophysics and led many research cruises in the South Georgia area. The Barker Plateau in the Scotia Ridge was named after him. His ashes were scattered off Hope Point by his wife Jenny on 5

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102-0226 Dook


Ex-whaler ‘Dook’ Whitehouse’s ashes were mailed to South Georgia and scattered in Cumberland East Bay on 15 April 2003 The following account was written that day by Sarah Lurcock: “It was a beautiful morning this morning so we carried out your family’s wishes and scattered your fathers ashes in the bay. Three of us went

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BRUCE, William Speirs

According to records in the SPRI archive (Ref: 1228/17/39), the ashes of renowned scientist and explorer W S Bruce were scattered at sea on Easter Monday 2 April 1923. They were taken out from Leith Harbour on the catcher Symra, in strong northerly weather, by the magistrate from Grytviken and the manager of the Salvesen’s

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WILD, Frank

Name: WILD, John Robert Francis Born: 18 April 1873 Died: 19 August 1939 Buried: 27 November 2011 Age: 65 Cemetery: Grytviken Grave Ref: C0 Register: – Frank Wild was a great polar explorer, taking part in five expeditions to Antarctica during the heroic age of exploration. His ashes were buried in Grytviken on Sunday 27

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Name BROWN, Nan Died 31 Jan 1995 in Edinburgh Memorial Nan Brown Memorial Nan lived at King Edward Point with her husband George, who was Government Radio Officer from 1954 to 1957. She wrote the book ‘Antarctic Housewife’ about her experiences. George returned with her ashes in December 1996 and scattered them in the areas

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