Timeline Matrix

Time Line List in chronological order (of deaths) of all known persons with references to grave info, Register of deaths entry, SPRI archive reference etc. Name Date Site Grave Register SPRI Notes ERIKSEN, Erik 1 December 1910 Husvik 1 1 MS 1228/17/1;D HALVORSEN, T 1910 At Sea MS 1228/17/2;D JOHANNESEN, Johannes 7 January 1911 Ocean […]

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Unknown Graves

We do not know the exact graves where the following people are buried: Name Date of Death Burial Site Comment ELIASSEN, Hans Otto 7 March 1917 – Died in Stromness Harbour JAATUN, Peder Hansen 19 January 1917 –

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Anonymous Graves

We do not know who is buried in the following graves: Burial Site Grave Identifier Grytviken B8 Grytviken B10 Grytviken C2 Grytviken C5 Grytviken C6 Grytviken C7 Grytviken C8 Grytviken C10  Stromness  1  Stromness  2  Stromness  3  Stromness  4  Stromness  5  Stromness  6  Stromness  7 Stromness 8 Stromness 13 Stromness 14 Stromness 15 Stromness 16

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