Lost at Sea

A number of men were lost at sea. Some were lost when ships sank, others died on board and were buried at sea, and others disappeared whilst at sea.


Photo of a burial at sea courtesy of Shetland Museum


Fridtjof Nansen 1906

The SGHT website tells us: The factory ship Fridtjof Nansen, owned by the Sandefjords Hvalfangerselskab, was a floating factory ship that foundered off the Barff Peninsula on her first voyage to South Georgia on 10th November 1906. She hit an uncharted reef and sank within 7 minutes breaking into three. Nine sailors died of the

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Southern Sky 1929

The whale catcher Southern Sky belonged to the Southern Whaling and Sealing Company, which operated Prince Olav Harbour. The vessel was lost in a storm of the Welcome Islands in 1929 with the loss of 13 lives.

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Sudur Havid 1998

The South African longline fishing vessel Sudur Havid was lost on 6 June 1998 in position 53 55 S 041 24W when pumps were unable to keep up with water that swept over the ship in a storm. 21 Survivors were picked up by other vessels but sadly 17 others did not make it. There

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