ELIASEN, Hans Otto

Name ELIASEN, Hans Otto
Born Skien, Norway 10 November 1899
Died 8 March 1917
Age 17
Cemetery Unknown, possibly Stromness
Grave Ref
Register 44
SPRI Ref 1228/17/22

A message from his great grand-nephew tells us:

Hans Otto jr came from a family of sailors – most of his brothers were sailors, except my great grand father(who was his younger brother) and also their own father, Hans Otto senior, who worked as a foreman at the huge paper factory in Skien, Norway. They were 11 siblings and at least 4 of the brothers left for the USA and never returned to Norway.

We know from the SPRI archives that he died in Stromness Harbour, possibly at Husvik. Since all the Husvik graves are identified, it is possible that he is buried at Stromness.

The Register of Deaths gives his occupation as ‘Sailor’ and shows the death being reported by Kristian Anderssen. In a previous entry, made in 1915, the same name is given as being the captain of the “Fridjof Nansen”, so that may well have been his ship.

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