GØTZ, Johan Herman

Name:GØTZ, Johan Herman
Born:Germany, 8 October 1888
Died:15 August 1929
Cemetery:Leith (Main)
Grave Ref:B5

Johan was one of three men killed in an avalanche on Monday 19 August 1929. All three were buried in an avalanche that destroyed a number of buildings, including the foundry, cookery, and carpentry shop. These buildings had survived a previous avalanche in 1920 and hence were still in the area known as ‘Jericho’, which had been left when the station moved along the coast a little (to ‘Jeddah’).

A cutting from the Sandefjords Blad newspaper dated 19/08/1929 in the Sandefjord Whaling Museum archives tells us the following:

Johan was a foundry worker, originally German. He was new to whaling, having signed on in 1928. He had a wife and child in Frederikstadt.

Johan Gøtz’s grave
Johan Gøtz’s grave marker

Picture of the funeral by Svend Johannes, courtesy of his grandson Dag Einar Winsnes.

Triple Funeral. Photo: Svend Winsnes
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