LARSEN, Arne Vigulf

Name:LARSEN, Arne Vigulf
Born:11 June 1915
Died:8 March 1937
Cemetery:Leith (Main)
Grave Ref:B13
SPRI Ref.:1228/17/84;D

Larsen’s death is not registered in the Register of Deaths, perhaps becasue he died at sea.

The SPRI Records tell us that he worked on the catcher Bouvet III to the factory ship Salvestria. Larsen had joined the ship on 28 February to replace an injured seaman. He died at sea in 60° 30′ South 54° 0′ West, when a fairlead collapsed as the vessel was bringing a whale alongside in heavy weather. The factory ship’s doctor attended immediately.

Arne Larsen’s grave
Arne Larsen’s grave marker detail
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