MacDOUGALL, Archibald

Name MacDOUGALL, Archibald
Born 26 July 1893
Died 21 April 1930
Age 36
Grave Ref
SPRI Ref: 1228/17/60;D


The inquest in the SPRI archive tells that MacDougall was from the ‘Southern King’, which was at Prince Olav Harbour. He was one of a party of five who took a small boat (pram) out for a picnic. He left the party and tried to row back to the ship alone in a snow squall and was never seen again, despite a two day search by the ‘Southern Spray’.

A 2014 message from his great-grand-nephew tells us that Archibald MacDougall was born in North Uist, Scotland on 26 July 1893, the eldest son of Angus and second wife Margaret.

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