Ocean Harbour Refurbishment 2016

In January 2016 a team from the South Georgia Government station at King Edward Point visited the ocean Harbour cemetery and installed six new crosses to replace the old ones that had fallen apart over the preceding decades. Only one cross, marking the grave of Carl Edvardsen, was still intact and in good condition, though leaning over. It was not replaced but just set upright again.

The remains of six other crosses, most of them broken-off stumps, were replaced by replicas that had been made according to measurements gleaned from old photographs and recent visits to the stumps. They were built by the South Georgia Government building team at King Edward Point two years ago, and stored in the single old whaling station building at Ocean Harbour for a year.

One cross each… Ray, Russ, Matt and Roger

Four men carrying new crosses

Hugh and Russ plant a new cross:

The Final Result:


Compared with twenty years ago:

and looking the other way. Two years ago…

and now…

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