OLSEN, Ragnar Fjell


Name  OLSEN, Ragnar Fjell
Died 2 February 1952
Age 37
Cemetery Buried at sea
Grave Ref
SPRI Ref: 1228/17/125;D


The Magistrate’s records at SPRI tell us that Olsen was gunner on the catcher ‘Southern Wilcox’. The line from a harpooned fin whale, which was fast alongside, struck the trigger on the harpoon gun as he was unscrewing the unused ‘killer harpoon’ and he was injured by the resulting explosion. He was transferred to the factory ship ‘Southern Harvester’, where he died from the injuries. He was buried at sea in position 62° 04′ S 53° 08′ W at 1530 on 3 February 1952.

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