Register Page 20 Items 101-107

Page 20 of the Register of Deaths

Items 101 to 107

Registering the deaths of:

Item No.NameDiedBuried in Grave Reference
101LARSEN, Harald Johan25 January 1929Husvik20
102NILSEN, Gunnar Schroder15 February 1929UnknownUnknown
103HARKINS, Thomas Joseph26 February 1929Leith(Main)D5
104MARTHINSEN, Harbo27 March 1929Prince Olav2
105ANDERSEN, Nathaniel16 April 1929Husvik21
106JOHANSEN, Ole15 August 1929Leith(Main)B7
107J├śRGENSEN, Anders15 August 1929Leith(Main)B6

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Register of Deaths Page 20
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