Register Page 23 Items 125-131

Page 23 of the Register of Deaths

Items 125 to 131

Registering the deaths of:

Item No.NameDiedBuried in Grave Reference
125AKER, Jens6 April 1931Husvik25
126GRANHOLT, Trygve6 May 1931GrytvikenF1
127ELIASSEN, Karl Arthur12 December 1931Leith (main)D9
128STANGEBY, Anders14 January 1932Leith (main)B12
129SVEINUNGSEN, Einar18 November 1932GrytvikenD1
130GANTNER, Federico14 January 1933GrytvikenE1
131CLIFTON, Richard George3 March 1933Leith (main)D7

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Register of Deaths Page 23
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