Register Page 25 Items 139-146

Page 25 of the Register of Deaths

Items 139 to 146

Registering the deaths of:

Item No.NameDiedBuried in Grave Reference
139ANDERSEN, Henry2 June 1940Leith (Main)C9
140KLAVENES, Alf Johnny18 December 1940GrytvikenF2
141ANDERSEN, Karl M.2 April 1941GrytvikenE3
142HALVORSEN, Karl8 April 1941Leith (Main)C10
143ROLI, Bertin11 April 1941GrytvikenF3
144BARLAS, William2 September 1941GrytvikenF6
145RENBERG, Lauritz18 May 1942Leith (Main)C11
146HANSEN, Anders F.A.24 October 1943GrytvikenF4

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Register of Deaths Page 25
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