Register Page 29 Items 164-173

Page 29 of the Register of Deaths

Items 164 to 173

Registering the deaths of:

Item No.NameDiedBuried in Grave Reference
164LISLEBOE, Leif10 July 1950Husvik27
165FORD, Anthony19 April 1952Leith (Main)E2
166KRISTIANSEN, Thorvald Jakob9 February 1952Leith (Main)E4
167HANSEN, Karl Christian17 January 1953Leith (Main)E10
168NIKKARI, Toivo Matti21 February 1953GrytvikenF8
169BELIN, Martin1 March 1953Leith (Main)E8
170KRISTENSEN, Andreas9 October 1953GrytvikenF9
171REITAN, Lorents11 October 1953Husvik30
172HOTVEDT, Einer K.17 October 1953Husvik31
173ANDERSEN, Karl Johan18 February 1954Husvik32

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Register of Deaths Page 29
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