Register Page 32 Items 186-194

Page 32 of the Register of Deaths

Items 186 to 194

Registering the deaths of:

Item No.NameDiedBuried in Grave Reference
186JENSEN, Hans Christian2 March 1958Leith (Main)A5
187VALLESTAD, Sigurd13 March 1958Leith (Main)A10
188KLEVJER, Oddmund Kristian14 March 1959Husvik34
189LANGAAS, Gunnar J.19 December 1959GrytvikenE11
190MacNAIR, Alexander15 February 1960Leith (Main)A9
191AKSETH, Sverre24 December 1960Leith (Main)A4
192JOHANSEN, Fritjof G.25 June 1961Leith (Main)A8
193LIEN, Odd Asbjørn28 November 1961Leith (Main)A7
194TULLOCH, James John27 November 1961Missing, presumed Drowned

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Register of Deaths Page 32
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